We believe that there is not useless and unwanted people. There is only complicated situations, which we can resolve together. Everyone should feel necessary and useful. Our goal is to  - help find yourself and your place and educate community.

10.08.2018 and 5.10.2018.

Be.In.Now. Two discoveries days

Event for handicaped people + wish to discover your own goals and realize them

Through the methods of non-formal education and discussions, creative tasks and inspirational stories, we faced the fears, set the targets and looked for ways to realize those goals, so next time, when we meet, we can meet and share  our achievements and failures.
First part of the day was spent by understanding what everyone wanted to achieve, do, experience.  And then, together, we prepared Action Plan - How! In order to achieve your dreams, you have to do, not to wait for something to happen or let in the fear of failure.
This is reason why in programm were included section regarding fears. In each person are greater or smaller fears. fear in every person. And every person fears of failure and rejection. Types of fear and methods how to confront fears, were presented to us by the psychologist and couch Ita.
As later participants acknowledged in their questionnaires - they were affected by “inspiration stories”. Chance to meet real people, to hear real experience of how to overcome difficulties, to live instead of existing, to do-not to wait. That everyone, regardless of their state of health, can succeed with determination and little stubbornness.

This time stories were shared by enterpreneur and Typical co-founder Elina and musician Leili Ali.
Thanks to all of those who helped the event to happen, and a special thanks to all participants.
Thanks to partners: Worldventures Foundation un Palīdzēsim.lv
Thanks to lecturers Ita and Ieva, and thanks to "inspiration stories" - Leila and Elīna. 
photo by Daira Zālīte 

Be.In.Now pilot project training

In 4th of July Team "Typical" together with "WorldVentures Foundation" and "Palidzesim.lv" implemented "Be In Now" pilot project training.

Together with youth, who has health or social issues, we seek steps, how to achieve their big and small goals, how to become acquainted to themselves and how to get their knowledge regarding their abilities non-limits.

While their work progressed, we got conclusion like this:

  • everyone has some strong point, ability or talent, which they can reshape as valuable tool within their current life;
  • you have to socialise, because you can never know, when you will meet your next employer, business partner or new friend;
  • face your fear and you will get stronger;
  • every experience can be valuable for you - but to get it, you have stop being in fear and do something.
This training was also endorsed by association "Līdzdalības platforma". Thank You.


First training course B.R.I.D.G.E

First step is already done.

In August 2016 in collaboration with the association "Līdzdalības platforma", we did first training course "B.R.I.D.G.E. - Bring Inclusion and get quality in youth exchanges". In this training participated people with movement and visual impairment. This training course goal was inspire them and also show them possibilities how to realize and begin their own projects and intentions. Don't be afraid and take action more.