Text No 1:

It doesn't matter whether the sun is shining or is raining today. It doesn't matter if someone gives you candy hearts and pink roses. It only matters that you are not alone today. You have someone who thinks about you and sends love to you on a postcard. Love can be so different, also like this. A person who loves the world and you in it.

Text No 2:

I like to be with you. But I don't like how fast time flies with you. So, let's not lose a minute. Will we meet to celebrate love together? You and me.

Text No 3:

Every day I know you is wonderful. Also miraculous is love, which makes you see the world more beautiful, better and more cheerful. Thank you for letting me experience this miracle - LOVE.  Person whose heart you own...
Text No 4:

I'm sorry that I'm not with you today. I know that this little piece of paperboard, which serves as a postcard, will not be able to replace our being together. That is not the purpose. When you will receive this, I just want you to know, I am thinking about you. I remember you. You're in my heart.  With love, your friend... 

Text No 5:

Thank you. They're just 8 letters, but they say everything. Thank you for being beside me, for making gloomy days lighter, for laughing and tears of pleasure, for kisses after work and for being with me. Your friend...