Our team:


Elīna – the founder and CEO of the Company.
“We are each responsible for the world, in which we live in.”

Liva B.  - international project coordinator. (volunteer)

Liva A. - assistant in all jobs related to the creation of new products and marketing them (volunteer)

Elīna D.  - thanks to her, our products comes to the stores. (volunteer)

Karlīna B.- graphic designer, photographer, beautiful things are made in collaboration with her (volunteer).

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Moment catchers within photographies:

There are photographers from whom we buy pictures and there are also the ones who give them to us for free as presents. So special thanks to:  Rolandam GailītimKintijai Andersonei, Gundegai Lapasai, Ievai Elvīrai Garjānei, Mārim Birzniekam, Ilzei Mezītei.  

And thank you also for trusting to us your cherished ideas: Gundega Šķēla, Ingmārs ZaļmežsVivita KokinaMārtiņš Plūme, Elīna Viļuma-Kuzmina, Juris ZīģelisNils Sokolovs

Major assistants of social objectives – training implementation:

Ita Keiša

Coach and psychologist 

She works with troubled youth and grown-ups for several years.
She describes herself: “If I don’t know, Iearn.If I can, I do. If I know, I share. Often I say Yes, but I can also say No. I want to be present”. 

"Palidzesim.lv" is a non-governmental organization that helps sick children and children in need.

"Palīdzēsim.lv" hope and believe that together they will manage to help at least a small part of Latvia’s children live their dream.

Do you want to involve in social goal implementation - write us!

Our partners and friends:

The Latvian Social Business Association (LSUA) is organisation with a members with a wish to promote the development of social entrepreneurship in Latvia. We are bringing together similar thinking organisations, businesses and people who believe that social entrepreneurship in Latvia has huge potential and they are prepared to participate in the formation and strengthening of this sector within Latvia.

Lūznava Manor
Contemporary arts and culture centre of Latgale, a place of inspiration for birth and implementation of ideas. Again, it has become not only as a major centre of contemporary culture, but also as a place for raise of new ideas and active people meeting point.
One of the trainings was passed here, and door was left open for future projects/trainings. As well as at their souvenir shop, is a room for another point for writing and sending our postcards. While sipping a coffee, in beautiful rooms of the manor, you can indulge in a flight of thoughts, which later can be written on postcards.